Awesome Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts, Windows 8 Too

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If you’re like most of us you have little time and lots to do. That’s why keyboard shortcuts are so important. they allow you to get a lot done and half off fourth of the time usually. so today let me introduce you to a few awesome Windows Key shortcuts that I use to save time and make my day more productive.

These Windows 10 and 8, Task View, Snipping Tool, Print Screen, and shortcuts to secure your computer are useful tips you’d love and find helpful if incorporated into their daily computer habits. Plus they’re fun.

First up is the stand-alone Windows key. Which of course brings up the start menu. Working with Windows 8 or 10 even a little bit you’re probably already familiar with this key.

Windows Key – Opens Start Menu Options


Windows key + Left or Right Arrow

But what you may not be familiar with is when you hold the Windows key and hit the left or right key, you can

Windows key + Left or Right Arrow – shifts or toggles current window to left or right, allowing you to split the screen. You can then select a window option for the adjacent space.

The split screen allows multitasking a more fluid workflow or if you simple need to compare content from separate windows.


Windows key + Up & Down Arrows

A similar, but slightly thing happens when I hit the Windows key and an up or down arrow went inside a window. Hitting Windows key + Up Arrow maximizes the view. Heading Windows key + Down Arrow minimizes the window view. This windows shortcut is much quicker than moving a mouse pointer to the maximize and minimize buttons atop your current window. The Windows key + Up & Down Arrows Maximize and Minimize windows quickly in stages.


Windows Key + Tab Key – Opens Windows Task View

Another good efficiency shortcut is the Windows Key + Tab Key. This shortcuts opens the Windows Task View. This is useful when you have multiple windows open and want to jostle between windows more quickly. Once Task View is open select a window you’d like to jump to it.

An additional way to get to the Task View is to hit the Task View button on the bottom of your screen, in the taskbar. It looks like this:



Windows key + M – Quickly Minimizes All

The next shortcut is the Windows Key + M key. This shortcut quickly minimizes all of the windows open and takes your view back down to the desktop. It’s a beneficial shortcut when you ever want to quickly minimize everything on your screen.


Windows key + Prt Screen – Takes Screenshot of Current Screen

Sometimes you come across images on your screen that you’d like to save but may not know how to capture. The Windows Key + Prt Sc (Print Screen) key allows you to copy of screen clip of what is currently visible on your screen. Print Screen saves its screen clippings on your local drive in the ‘pictures’ folder, subfolder ‘screenshots.’

The Snipping Tool – Allows for More Controlled Screen Clippings

If you want more control of your screen clippings use the Snapping Tool. This free software allows full screen snips, window-only snips, rectangular snips, and free-form snips. You can also write on your screen clips. The Snipping Tool software is likely already embedded in your Windows operating systems. It has been incorporated since Windows Vista.


Windows key + X – Opens Admin Panel

When first using Windows 8 and 10 coming from 7 and previous, users often are confused as to how sign out of Windows 10. That’s because Sign-Out seems hidden. But you can easily get to the sign out option by either using the Windows + X shortcut to open up the Admin View. Or right-clicking the windows start button and hitting ‘Sign Out.’


Windows key + S Opens Cortana Search and places cursor in the input field

Artificial Intelligence is fast becoming the next phase of tech. Google has ‘Ok Google’ and Googe Home. Apple has Siri. Amzon has Echo. Windows has Cortana.

Many using are learning to embrace Cortana because Cortana is backed by the powerful new browser, Windows Edge. This union makes Cortana a very powerful and efficient search option.


Windows key + L – Locks Computer

Lastly, don’t let all of your hard work go for naught by leaving your work open for theft while walking away from your desk. A quick option to secure your computer is to use the Windows + L key to lock your computer. Secure ideas are better than stolen ideas. Lock your PC!

Use these tips for a more fluid and enjoyable workflow.

Last modified: November 16, 2017

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